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What To Do If You Are Not Getting Success

What do you do if you are not getting the success you want in the things you want to succeed in life?

Maybe you studied so hard to pass an exam but when the result came you failed, or you were denied a promotion at the office.

It could even be that your favorite sports team did not qualify for the next round of the competition.

Sometimes you may go great lengths to avoid failing so that you don’t have to feel the painful experience of failure, but you still will not succeed.

As a human, you may desire success in all do in life but brace yourself to understand that it doesn’t always happen as such.

It is good to know how to cope with failure in life, it helps you get over failure and become successful in life.

So if you want to know how get to over failure and be a success in what you do then you should read this article on.

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Here are things to do in order to be successful after a failure.

1. Embrace The Lack Of Success

For every unsuccessful venture, there is a reason for the failure.

So instead of brooding over failure, concentrate on the reason for the failure and accept that the failure is done.

Even though, failure is always accompanied by a variety of emotions; shame, embarrassment, anxiety, anger, sadness, etc.

You must embrace your lack of success and the reason you did not succeed at this moment.

In fact, instead of calling a lack of success as failure, call it unsuccessful.

When you use the word “failure” to describe your situation it can dampen your enthusiasm” to try again for a successful outcome.

So focus on your emotions, the feelings of uncomfortable situations you are facing. 

Do not just try to escape feeling of emotional discomfort without taking a lesson from the experience.

If you allow yourself to feel bad and regret why you did not succeed, it will motivate and challenge you to try again.

It can help you work harder to find better solutions so that you’ll improve next time.

Therefore, whenever you do not find success in what you do just embrace your emotions.

Acknowledge the reason you are not successful and work on how you’re feeling at the moment.

You should also let yourself feel bad sometimes by allowing yourself to experience them.

2. Avoid Regrets, Stay Positive.

When things do not happen according to your plans, you should not despair. Sometimes you might be tempted to concentrate on your regrets and be brooding over it for a long time.

Regretting why you took that step or did not take that step will not help you solve the problem;

In fact feeling too much regret can only add sorrows to you and make do what you should not do.

If you keep reminiscing on the unpleasant situation, you may fall into a state of despair that can lead you into doing drugs to calm your nerves.

But you must know that drugs or alcohol won’t heal your pain.

They can only provide you with some false temporary relief that if you are not careful will lead you into depression.

You should, therefore manage your lack of success and do not regret why you did get the success that you need. It will always come.

3. Practice Situation Coping Skills

The fact that you did not get the success that you want now does not mean you will not get it later.

You must take upon yourself to practice coping with the unpleasant situations of lack of success.

Sometimes, you can call a family member or a friend to speak to, you can get a professional to relate your burden to.

While in some cases, you can even practice deep breathing, going for a walk, or playing with your pet to ease your worries.

Choose the coping skill that will work for you so that you can keep practicing.

If you are someone that struggles with bad habits when you’re stressed out, like smoking or eating junk food.

You should draw up alternatives to healthier strategies you will do in their state by creating a list of healthy coping skills and posting it where you can easily see.

4. Do Not Accept Negative Beliefs Concerning Unsuccessful Results

There are many beliefs, some of which are irrational beliefs about failures in life.

People always think failure means a person is bad or has not tried well enough that is why he or she failed.

However, it is not always like that.

When you are not successful a thing, it does not always mean that you have not tried enough. No.

Sometime you may put in all your effort and still not get the success that you so deserve.

So do not always associate failure with a lack of trying.

Accept failure as an opportunity to do better next time and you turn out to be a success.

5. Think Positive, Think Possible

You must learn to stay positive irrespective of the situation you find yourself.

When you face failures in life, do not think that you’re a hopeless cause or that there’s no use in trying again.

Control your thought and think possibility, believe that it is possible for you to be successful in what you want to do.

You should begin to make positive confessions and say some affirmations like this s “I believe I can” “I can do this “ “I am a success” “I am not a failure” “ I will not fail”

You just continue to fill your mind with positive confessions.

Keep repeating the affirmations to yourself every day to clear off negative thoughts and reinforce your capacity to bounce back and be successful.

6. Take Responsibility

In as much as I have said earlier, that you should not blame yourself for the failures, you must still accept some form of responsibility to the failure.

It’s important to accept an accurate level of responsibility for your failure.

However, taking on too much responsibility may cause you to unnecessarily blame yourself.

While blaming other people or circumstances on your failure will prevent you from learning from it.

So you must find a balance to the level of responsivity you should take.

In other to take responsibility for your lack of success, you should look for explanations, not excuses.

You should identify the reasons you failed now and plan what you can do differently next time to ensure success.

7. Learn From How Others Handled Failures

I am sure you must have met someone in your life that had failed once or more before getting success in something he or she wished for.

I have seen a lot and I have experienced it too!

They are great men in history that have turned their failure situations into and an avenue to learn and achieve great success in the process.

Many successful people continue to fail regularly.

However, they do not let their success define who they are; they continue to strive to do better.

Therefore, you too should make sure that you keep trying even after more than one failure experience.

You will find your success with time.

8. Learn From Your Experience

You must have heard of this statement before “experience is the best teacher”

So every experience, especially failure, can be a great teacher if you are open to learning.

You should be able to analyze yourself and ask yourself questions like; Did I make a mistake?  Why did I make the mistake?

Then you should think about what you can do differently next time.

You should then ensure that you take the failure as a life lesson that should help you become a success next time.

9. Plan For Moving Forward

You should learn to plan to move from why you failed and push on, Do not continue to replay your failure in your mind repeatedly.

There is no need to continue ruminating and regretting all the things that went wrong.

If you keep dwelling on your problems or rehearsing your mistakes will keep you stuck. 

Alternatively, think about what you’ll do differently next time.

Then you should create a plan that will help you put the information you gained from your experience into practice.

10. Face Your Fears of Failure

You should not avoid failure by trying to be too careful about the steps you want to take to achieve what you want to achieve.

Facing your fears is the key to reducing the discomfort associated with your lack of success.

So do not spend your life avoiding failure, it can be overwhelming when it finally happens.

Go out of your comfort zone and do things that might get you rejected or try new things where you could fail.

As you keep doing so over time, you’ll learn how to turn a failure into a success.

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In life, you can be faced with situations that will seem to overwhelm you .

But you must just know that, you can only strife for the best you can.

So, if you do not come out successful one any attempt, you should try other attempts.

One of the attempts will turn out to be a success, if you try.

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