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7 Best Online Business Ideas Retirees Can Do Easily

Are you retired and want to learn an online business?

Do you want to know of any online business you can do easily as a retiree and earn a good income from it?

Online business is not only for the young because we living in a digital world that you cannot afford to be left out.

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I have therefore, carefully outlined some businesses you can learn and start easily even as you now retired.

The following are online business ideas for retirees

1. Coaching/Consulting Online Business

The first and one the best business you can run online as a retired person is coaching and consulting business.

This is because, as a retiree, you must have experienced a certain aspect of life that you can impart knowledge to other people.

You can also guide others in the best way to go about some things in life.

These are businesses that allow you to profit from your work knowledge and experience.

Coaching and consulting can be done completely from your home using tools such as online conferencing apps.

You can also manage the business-side from home and visit your coaching/consulting clients at their home, office, or any other location.

Also, you can coach private individuals, such as life coaching, or coach professionals.

Such as developing success strategies or interview skills for organizations, institutions and businesses.

While consulting, on the other hand, is usually done for businesses, such as improving sales or productivity of a team.

This usually requires visiting the business location.

But again, technology can allow for video conferencing providing consulting services.

To get started as a coach, you need to select the industry or niche you want to specialize.

Then set your company and your online presence in the form of a website, social media platforms.

You can then begin to offer free content, published books, and other materials.

Also give free services to family, friends and former colleagues to help you promote your business.

As you build a follower base, you will begin to get coaching and consultancy services requests from referrals.

2. Creating Contents And Info-Products

The next online business that will fit retired person like you is content and information product creation.

This is because people go online for information, entertainment and any material the will be helpful for someone as an information product.

If you can provide what they are looking for, you will get paid in the process.

These information products can be in the form of e-books, videos, podcasts, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.

All you need is to have a website where people can pay to sign up to get access to all this information from you.

This business is good for someone who is already a coach or a consultant that has developed useful materials over time.

And wants to continue giving out useful content to people.

3. Blog Writing Online Business Idea

This is a business idea to consider if you have great information or entertaining stories to tell people.

This is because people will want to relate with stories of your struggles, how you overcame your struggles and challenges in life.

For example, people will want to know how you retired, how you sold your home, bought a boat, or relaxes on the beach.

There are people interested in reading about life exploits.

Therefore, if you were a retired accountant, for example, someone would be interested in hearing your tips on managing money and dealing with taxes.

If you enjoy writing, this is a business idea to consider.

As all you need is to continue writing articles on your blog and posting it.

If you have done good search optimization for your website, you will get organic traffic to your blog.

As traffic to your blog increases.

You can begin to place ads and affiliate-marketing links that will make you earn good income for yourself.

4. Freelance And Book Writing Business Idea

As a retiree, another online business idea you should consider doing is freelance writing.

In this business model, all you need is your willingness to write and a selected industry you want to be writing.

You can get a request from bloggers, academic research, companies, and industries to write articles and reports for a fee.

Many bloggers and online media sources pay for articles to be written for them.

So if you can provide freelance writing for them, you will earn good money for yourself as retired personnel.

All you need to start a freelance writing business is to find writing markets.

You can get jobs in a variety of places like UpWork and Freelancer freelance job sites, writing resources, and social media.

As a retiree, you may decide to become a book writer.

Whether writing fiction books like novels, academic books like textbooks, etc.

Though publishing books can be a challenge to you as a retiree.

You can decide to go into self-publishing and promotion of your book in this online generation.

There are the fulfillment and good income to earn form publishing a book.

4. Hobby – Based Online Business Idea

You can turn your hobby as a retiree into a lucrative business in this online generation.

All you need to start this business is to open a YouTube channel where you will be posting the videos of your experience to your subscribers.

Simple things liken gardening, cooking, photography hobbies can be turned into a business.

By creating “How To” videos on how to solve some problems associate with such hobbies.

Then posting them online to those that are interested in learning such hobbies.

You can also decide to write a book concerning your hobbies or your former job and sell it online line.

What you need to consider before turning a hobby into income is to figure out what aspect of the hobby people will pay for or advertise on.

This is because you need to promote a hobby that will be interested to many people.

And will be able to gather a good audience from such a hobby.

Before you can be able to monetize such a hobby.

5. Service-Based Online Business Idea

As a  retiree, you may consider service-based business as your online business idea.

Service-base as a business is a broad field to consider if you want to do service as a business.

This is because any skill you have can be turned into an online service business.

Therefore, your ability to sell those skills through a service-based online business is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to start making money online.

Examples of tasks that other individuals or businesses will pay to have done are humanitarian services like care for elderly, vulnerable, destitute, homeless, etc.

Other service businesses can include bookkeeping, writing, landscaping, repairperson, etc.

To be able to get started in this business, you will need a referral from friends, family, former employers, and networks.

6. Online Store Business Idea

Selling things online is another business you may want to consider as a retiree if you have the zest for selling things.

As a retiree, your years of working and raising a family will afford you lots of stuff around the house that you don’t want or need anymore.

These items can be sold on eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon to earn some income for yourself.

There is another program Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) that offers a service.

Where you can ship all your listed items to Amazon, while they take care of shipping them to your customers.

If you do not have the items or the money to produce items and sell online, you may consider starting a dropshipping business.

This is an online store business, in which you do not need to have the physical products to start.

All you need is the product catalogs from the manufacturer to display on your website.

When someone makes a purchase, you order the product to be shipped to the customer from the manufacturer.

This saves you the stress of storage of the items and shipping costs.

What you gain in this online business is the commission from each item you can sell on behalf of the manufacture.

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7. Skill- Based Online Business Idea

As a retiree, who says you may not have some certain online skills to start a business with?

There are many skill-based online business ideas that will make you earn good money for yourself.

For example, I have seen many questions on Quora and other online forums of people asking whether they can learn coding at 50 or 60 years of age.

The most prominent answers have always been for them to go ahead and be dedicated to it.

As they will always come out successful if they put in the required effort.

One thing about learning a skill like coding and software development, in general, is that it takes a long time to master.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fast way of making money, then this is not the path for you to take.

Nevertheless, if it’s what you have passion in, and you are ready to be patient and wait for it to be fulfilled.

I will advise you to take this path and keep yourself occupied in your retirement age.

A skill-based online business can include becoming a Web Designer and Developer, Apps Developer, Graphic Designer, SEO expert.

And all other Soft As A Service (SaaS) online business opportunities.

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I have tried to outline some online businesses you can be involved in as a retiree.

If you find any of the business here interesting for you do as you are now retired or about to be retired.

You can contact me for free guidance on the steps you can take to actualize your dream.

Please leave a comment or fill the contact form on our contact form so that I will get back to you with the free consultation.

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