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5 Reasons You Need To Watch Your Child’s Sexual Development

Let us say you suddenly discover that your little girl is developing breast or your son is now shy to remove his clothes in your presence.

What will come to your mind?

Of course, it tells you that your kid is crossing the childish border into the maturity state.

This natural, it is should be expected but are you?

A girl child

Sexual development begins by sexual maturation, which is simply known as puberty.

According to an article Physical Growth and Sexual Maturation of Adolescents by Evan G. Graber, DO, Sydney Kimmel Medical College.

“Sexual maturation or puberty begins at different ages depending on genetic and environmental factors.”

Sexual maturity begins earlier today than a century ago, probably because of improvements in nutrition, general health, and living conditions”.

He further said, “The average age that girls begin menstruating has decreased by about 3 years over the past 100 years.

However, whenever sexual maturation begins, it typically occurs in the same order.”

Maybe your parents did not teach you anything about sex, so you grew up to figure it out yourself, but is it the reason you will let your child figure it himself?

We are living in an information age now, where children of adolescence age are exposed to pictures and videos of nudity.

Pornography and perversion are the order of the day, so there is an urgent need for you to protect your child against becoming a victim of his ignorance.

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Here are however my five reasons I think you should teach your child about sex, especially as a pre-teen and teen.

1. If You Don’t Teach The Right Thing About Sex, Your Child May Learn The Wrong Thing From Friends.

School-age kids are mostly influenced by peer pressure, they learn a lot from friends and mates than they learn from parents.

At the age of 12 and above most children begin to get attached to their friends more than they connect to their parents.

So they are like the fertile ground, if don’t you plant a seed, grasses will still grow.

I remember when I was a kid of ten years or so, some of my friends and I will draw a man and a woman on the wall with chalk.

We will then draw a line to represent the penis from male genital area to the female genital area to depict the man and woman having sex.

I was not matured enough to have an urge for sex but I can remember that it gives me wild imagination to why a man will use his penis to stick in a woman’s vagina.

How do they feel? It looks exciting and irritating at the same to me.

I was not even a teenager yet but I know that a man and woman do have sex.

So my first reason is; if you don’t teach your kid about sex, he will still learn from friends and what he will learn from friends you may not like it.

2. If You Don’t Teach Your Kid The Right Thing About Sex, The Society Will Take Advantage Of Him.

Your child is exposed to popular trends, fashions, lifestyles, cultures, believes and every form of societal activity in society.

Children are exposed to adult lifestyle from some of the outings, uncensored adult contents and programs they partake in which are usually above their age grade.

These days you can take your kid to the beach and come across two consensual adults making out on the beach.

The use of foul language in the presence of children can bring inquisitiveness by the children to want to know about such words.

And before you say Jack Robinson, your kid can google the meaning.

On a lighter note, I recently watched a comedy where a certain kid.

Who is obviously younger than 10 years old.

He came to his parents in the sitting room and asked his father a question; “Dad”, what is sex?

His dad and mum looked confused and shocked, not knowing how to answer him.

The father then summoned courage and answered the question stammering “Son” sex is the meeting of a man and woman to create babies”…

His son then brought out a paper that he was given in school to practice how to fill an application form and showed his father.

The form has columns for name, age, sex etc. So he was actually trying to know what to put in the sex column, either Male or Female.

Not the definition of sex!

So you see every activity in life are categorized along the sexual line, so there is no escaping for your child only guidance is required.

Just know that societal activities are sometimes laced with sexual appeals.

So, if your child is not tutored the right thing about sex, he may grow up to learn the bad from the society.

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3. If You Don’t Teach Your Kid The Right Thing About Sex, The Information Media Will.

Yes, you heard me right, the internet is full of sexual information. The social media influence is enormous.

No matter how you try to filter the information.

You will not be able to completely protect your child against exposure to sexual messages in texts, audios and videos.

Sex is in the social media, nudity, foul languages and even pornography is at the click of the button.

Pornography sites used to have some form of age restriction sign-in which was not even effective as it will only ask the user whether the user is 18 or above.

If the user clicks yes the site is opened to the user who may just be a child that is eager to have access to the portal and only clicked yes in deceit.

Most of these sites don’t even have any form of restriction these days.

Besides, many children are already watching porn from their phones or parents’ phones without the knowledge of their parents.

So why not teach your child the right thing about sex so that in the event of influence your child will make the right decision.

If you want to know how to protect your child from the internet influence, you should read this article: How To Teach Your Child About Internet Safety

4. If You Don’t Teach Your Kid The Right Thing About Sex, You May Jeopardize Your Child’s Health.

Sexual health is another important reason you should teach your child about sex.

According to Medical News Today;

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that the are more than I million new STDs’ acquired each day globally.”

They also say that;

“People between the age of 15 and 24 years acquire half of all new STDs, and 1 in 4 sexually active adolescent females has an STD.”

Your daughter is growing up fast, you need to protect her against teenage pregnancy.

Don’t assume she will know what to do when boys begin to approach her or her teacher will her.

Children look at what they are taught in school as virtual and may not take it as real life issue.

You are in the best position to teach your child about sex.

Teaching your child about sex will protect your child against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

5. If You Don’t Teach Your Kid The Right Thing About Sex, You Are Exposing Your Child To Sexual Predators.

Your teen should learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, pressures and dating violence, and why consent is good in a relationship.

As your child is growing, you should stop thinking that since your child is a kid, you don’t need to talk about sex.

This the time your child will begin to make boyfriends or girlfriends and will need guidance to do it fight or choose to abstain.

You can use the opportunity to teach abstinence and the value of friendship over sexual intercourse in a relationship.

Due to many instances of child molestation these days by some pervert adults that take advantage of innocent children.

What you will teach your child can make her smarter and help her resist such advances from sexual predators.

Some of the sexual perverts are even friends and relatives of the family, they may be people that your child knows and feels free to associate with.

So you should train your child to distinguish between a mere play and a sex advance.

I know of a former colleague that taught her 3-year-old daughter to scream or hit anyone that touches her genital area and that lesson worked well.

One a certain day a boy mistakenly touched her undies in the cause of their play in the class.

She immediately turned and hit him hard that he fell.

Of course, I do not in any way, support training a child to assault or hit another child.

But I will say the fact that she could remember to take the action means the awareness her mum gave her was working.

When you teach your child about sex, you are protecting your child from sexual perverts that your child may likely meet in your absence.

These are some of my reasons why you should not neglect to teach your child about sex, do you have any other point? Please leave a comment below.

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