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How To Teach Yourself Skills During Recession

Do you want to learn a skill today? Do you want to teach yourself a skill to survive a recession?

Well, learning a skill requires determination and a focus to achieve.

In a time of recession, it becomes more challenging to accomplish because of the pressure to use the skill immediately.

Learning a skill at any time requires the following order or precision to accomplish.

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Here are steps you can take to teach yourself skills during a recession.

1. Choose One Skill To Learn

There is a temptation to learn different skills or to try to acquire more than one skill at a time. I want to tell you it does not work.

As you want to learn a skill to stay afloat during the recession. You do not have to time to waste around. You may want to go into learning such a skill right away.

This is because you will want to make use of the skill immediately to secure a job, do a business or a service for a fee.

When you choose more than one skill, you will not give your best into any and at the end of everything, you will discover that you have not perfected yourself in any of them.

You must ensure that you choose a skill that is in demand and you have a form of interest in it.

Do not choose a skill base on fancy or the fact that it is in vogue.

There was a time I was learning Web design and Blogging at the same time.

I notice I was not making progress after months of practice.

Therefore, I stopped blogging and faced learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript until I was able to design my first website TALPHITECH.

The next thing I did was to learn Web Development using WordPress after that I went into Blogging.

Now, I am able to replicate all the skills because I devoted enough time to learn them separately.

So choose just one skill at a time to learn in order to survive a recession.

2. Make The Skill You Want To Learn Personal

A skill that you learn over time becomes part of you. Your skill becomes your behavior. Make it your lifestyle..

As for the reason to learn the skill is to survive a recession, you must put on your effort to be perfect in what you do, so that you can provide quality products and services to your prospects.

To make the skill personal to yourself, you must develop an interest in the skill.

You must have a love for the skill and you should also love using the skill to do your personal things.

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Two ways To Personalize The Skill You Want To Learn

1. Diversify Your Learning

You should learn how to diversify your learning. Don’t stick to one method of learning.

In an age where everything is available at the click of a button, there are many ways to learn.

Use Google search, YouTube videos, Online courses etc.

2. Use Multiple Sources

The key is to interact with the information. Using multiple sources will help you with this.

I used both reading articles and watching videos to learn how to blog and today I am a successful blogger.

In fact, I did not even read books for my knowledge of blogging!

Therefore, in your attempt to teach yourself skills for the recession, you should not stick to one method, get books, gather relevant videos, podcasts, movies, and blogs as well!

3. Learn Skill By Practice

In time of recession, you may not want to waste your time,so spend your time to a specific skill at a time.

There was something I learned when I started learning how to code.

After spending almost three months learning how to write a simple HTML Code.

I discovered that when I sit down to write codes by heart, I could not write anything because I was not practicing, I was just reading like a school course.

I decided to code along as I study and even went further to get some videos of tutorials on coding and I will play and pause the video as I follow the lessons in the video.

It did not take me three months to be able to build a complete functioning website.

Our brains can accumulate a lot when we study, but we remember what we do better than what we study.

I guess that is why they say, “Experience is the best teacher”

When we learn by trial and error, we are practicing what it means to fail or face challenges and overcome in the course of using our skill.

Faced with similar situations and you will not fret but face it squarely because you know what to do in such a situation.

This is a result of your learning by practice that has availed you to see how to solve some problems.

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4. Learn From Others Too!

Any skill that you want to acquire in life, someone may have it already and is succeeding in using such a skill.

For example, as an aspiring writer, it is important to read other people’s book especially from the genre you want to learn and not only study how to write books.

This is because you will learn more when you see “how it is written” than when you are told “this how to write”

It is like training someone in “how to play soccer” or “baseball” without letting the person see anyone playing soccer or baseball.

You must make a deliberate effort to see how others are using the skill you want to teach yourself.

In addition, make the effort to learn from them.

Sometimes you may only be able to watch them play in videos.

Whatever opportunity you have, just ensured that your learning from those with experience from using the skill you are trying to teach yourself.

Consider Mentorship Too!

Yes, I know you may want to teach yourself everything about the skill you want to learn, but having a mentor, even an online mentorship will not affect your determination to be self-taught..

Mentorship is perhaps the quickest way to take your skills to the next level.

A mentor helps you navigate your field by offering invaluable perspective and experience.

Initially, you may look to friends, family, and coworkers or an expert in the skill you’re trying to learn.

Whichever way you want to go about it. Ensure that the mentor or coach you are trying to copy or learn from has a good understanding of the skill you want to learn.

Also contribute your own effort to achieving success in your learning. When you reach out to experts, describe what you have to offer, rather than what you will gain.

It may be as simple offering to bring subscribers to their platforms or connecting them to something or someone that will be of benefit to them.

5. Teach Others As You Learn.

There is no need to be selfish with what you are learning because one of the best ways you can learn a new skill is to teach it to others.

There is something about you teaching others, it makes you do deep research about what you want to teach.

Why You Should Teach As You Learn

1. Teaching Gives Experience

You will not want to sound inexperienced or not having enough expertise or competence before those that you want to teach.

This is because you want to appear an expert and not to embarrass yourself in front of your students.

I had a teaching experience during my one-year service to my Nation with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) where I taught Chemistry to high school students.

This is a subject that I passed below average during my high school time.

The first day I entered the classroom to teach I faced a challenge of explaining what I cannot remember myself.

2. Teaching Give Confidence

When I went home, I had to step up to study so that I can explain to my students and be confident of myself.

Over the next three months, I was able to finish studying the Textbook of about 500 pages.

To this day I owe what I know in Chemistry to my studies while I was teaching than when I was a student in chemistry class.

3. Teaching Makes Easy Assimilation

The reason you will get better when you teach others is that when you learn with the intention to teach, you will break the material down into simple, understandable chunks for yourself.

Teaching will also force you to examine the skill more critically and thoroughly, helping you to understand it better.

This is an old trick that you don’t have to be an education major to know.

Just try explaining this article to other people today and you will be amazed at how much you remember about what I said in this article.

This is how I learned how to write the articles in this blog Classified Messages.

I did not go to any formal school but I learned everything from reading other people’s blogs and videos.

As I taught myself, I began to teach others also and today I guess I am a fulfilled blogger.

6. Invest Time To Practice Difficult Aspects Of Your Skill

I know that you want to learn a skill fast. So that you can use your skill to earn a living during a recession.

However, there are some things in life that you cannot learn fast or jump over.

When you want to learn any skill. You must ensure the assimilation of the most important parts of the skill.

Some of these important parts are difficult to understand.

Besides, since you want to teach yourself the skill.

You may not have someone to explain the points to you.

Therefore, you will have to go the old-fashioned way of reading and studying slowly to understand.

How to Invest Your To Learn The Hard Part Of Your Skill

1. Practice!

To be perfect in the skill you are teaching during a recession you must keep practicing the skill, no matter how hard it seems.

It is like someone that wants to learn software development will always find HTML and CSS easy to understand.

The challenges come when you must learn JavaScript.

The moment you are comfortable with JavaScript you will find out that any other programming language you will learn will be easy for you because “you have broken the camels back” on the skill acquisition.

Practice in itself is great, but you must practice things you don’t know how well more than the things you know how to do.

2. Push Yourself

That is to how excel in any skill, deliberately pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and practice things you aren’t good at.

Good things are hard to learn and our bodies are program to always find the easy way out any situation. At times, the easy way may be better in some situations.

However, if you want to be perfect in the skill you want to learn, you will push on, whether it is hard or easy to.

3. Learn Both Ways!

You should learn both the easy and the hard way to do things.

It is like someone who learned how to drive a car with automatic gears only.

The person that learned both the manual and automatic gear has more to give than the automatic car driver does.

Sometimes, I will meet someone who claims he is a web developer, and all he knows is WordPress!

You cannot call yourself a web developer if all you know is WordPress. You are a WordPress web develop.

To be a standard web developer, you should learn how to code a website and how to use WordPress too.

7. Learn Everything You Need To Know.

To be able to teach yourself skills during a recession you must be ready to learn everything also.

Learn everything about your skills. Don’t be half-baked! Learning half-way produces quack!.

You should be curious about everything. Nothing stimulates learning like curiosity!

Don’t let only what you studied in books be the only guide you have learned.

Ask questions, inquire why somethings are the way they are.

Seek answers from many sources. Don’t merely memorize theories and techniques, question them at every step.

Analyze why some things matter, why they are relevant.

Practice with all the tools available to you and gain the knowledge available.

See what you end up discovering! You may end up surprising even yourself.

For example, some times when you buy a new gadget, you don’t study the manual properly to know all the functionality in your gadget and short change yourself from enjoying the full potential of your gadget.

8. Test Your Understanding Frequently

Can you imagine going to school without ever writing a test or an examination?

The measure of your understanding cannot be ascertained.

Examinations and tests are the measure of our understanding to determine how much we understood from all that we are studying.

However, you may have hated the test and examinations while in school.

In the school of life, you must be tested.

The learning of skills cannot also be exempted from testing. 

Now that you have chosen to teach yourself skill and you are your teacher and examiner.

How do you test yourself? Will you be fair to yourself?

In school, you may re-read your notes many times before exams. In the issue of skill learning, you may not need to read again.

You will need to just apply your knowledge into a practical issue and see how it goes correcting yourself in the process.

It becomes challenging to find where you will practice your skills as a test because when you are just starting out it will be hard to find who will give himself to you as a sample for your skill test.

Test Your Skills With What You Have

To test your skills, you may have to fall to your family and friends to test how your skill is faring.

You should also offer free stuff to others in order test your skills.

When I started learning Web Development, I was offering free websites hosted with my money to prospective customers to test my skills.

Testing skills is an effective step to learn a skill because it makes to recall a step further.

Recall shows how much of the skill you can remember while testing shows you how well you can use the skill you’ve learned.

9. Take Breaks While Learning Skills

In your effort to teach yourself skills during a recession you must make room for time to take breaks and relax.

However, you may feel the need to rush things because you want to acquire the skills fast.

But, you must avoid such temptation.

Taking breaks is also part of learning. Your brain has two modes, the focused and the diffused.

If you want to learn properly, you consider both modes of your brain.

While in focused mode, you’re able to learn the peculiarities of a certain problem.

In diffused mode, you’re better able to see the big picture and bring it all together.

That is the reason why sometimes you may be driving or in the shower then an idea will just flash to you.

Something you have been trying to solve for some time will just come to you easily when you are not even studying or doing anything in relation to that thing.

It’s important to let your brain relax for a while after a particularly intense session of study or practice.

This gives your brain time to arrange your understanding in a serial file for reference whenever you need to.

10. Connect With Others, Network!

Networking is very important for you to develop skills that are useful.

Since you have decided to teach yourself skills for the recession.

There is a tendency for you to be alone in your studies or practice. You will need to make friends in your line of profession.

It will open up opportunities for you. You will get connections that will even lead you to get your dream job or business.

You can join your local professional community group if available.

You should also make use of online forums like LinkIn, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, etc. to find people in your line of skill to relate with and build a network.

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If you want to excel in your quest to teach yourself skill in time of recession, you must be focused, you must avoid procrastination and come out of your comfort zone to learn the skill at your pace.

After all, you are teaching yourself skills to survive a recession!

Tallachi Philemon writes for Classified Messages.

Tallachi Philemon, a Chemical Engineer and a Certified First Responder is the founder of Classified Messages, a platform for Achievements, Success, and Wealth Creation.

He is also the owner of TALPHITECH, a web and app design and development company.


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