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How To Successfully Learn A New Skill Fast

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Do you have a skill that you want to learn but you do not have enough time to invest in learning? Do you have busy schedules that are not allowing you to learn a new skill?

Maybe you in a certain job and you need to learn a skill to move up in your career or change job entirely.

Know Why You Want To Learn A New Skill

Well, there are many reasons you may want to learn to skill and learn it is fast too!

A lack of necessary skills is usually the gap between idea and execution.

You may have experienced the frustration that happens when you see an opportunity in your life, but lack the knowledge to act on it.

You may feel you deserve to make more money, but you do not know how to negotiate. You may also have a good idea for a business, but you do not know to start and execute the idea.

There are many skills to learn if you want to be more productive in what we do. The challenge is the time and discipline to invest in learning.

You Must Invest your Time

Most people want to have a new skill now! The problem is that they are not ready to invest time in acquiring the necessary knowledge.

This is because we are living in a fast generation, everything is fast. We have fast food, fast cars, and fast internet etc.

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Are you ready to learn a skill fast in a little time?

The following steps will help you successfully learn a skill fast

1. Determine the Skill You Want To Learn

If you want to do things fast, you must have the right foundation. You must understand what you want and how you want it. You must know where you are going and how to get there.

There should not be room for errors or uncertainties along the way.

How do you achieve such certainties? It is by spending quality time to do your research on the skill you want to learn.

Gather The Necessary Information

You need to gather the entire necessary information about what you want to learn.

It is easy to assume you know exactly what you need to learn because of a little information you may have read somewhere about it or you have seen someone succeeding in using such a skill.

This is not right at all. The information you are lacking in you is serious incompetency that will affect our productivity.

Most people assume they know how to do something until they try and fail then they become miserable.

No Assumptions!

As easy as dancing is. It requires skill to master. Do you just assume you know how to dance because dancing is shaking the body?

It took me about two years to contemplate learning how to code. However, it took me only six months to know how to code properly.

So if you want to learn a skill fast, spend a good time determine the skill you want to learn first.

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2. Study And Accumulate Knowledge Fast

The reason you spent some time knowing everything about the skill you want to learn is so that when you begin to learn you will not waste any time in the process.

Now that you have selected the skill you want to learn and have done some research on what is expected of you in the process of learning.

It is time to go straight to the point and learn the most important aspect of the skill you want to acquire.

Give Time To Acquiring Knowledge

If you want to accumulate knowledge fast, you must give time to the most important aspect of your skill.

Let say you want to learn how to code, you can spending time on the different types of programming languages and their uses!

Make Your Choice Fast

You must have made a choice on which aspect of software development you want to do and which programs you should study.

If you want to become a Front End Web Developer, for example, you cannot be wasting time reading the history of web development or the different programs used in web development.

Rather, you should go straight to learn HTML, after which you can go into CSS and JavaScript.

3. Practice As You Learn

The best way to learn is to practice. I learned how to code by coding. So is my writing articles.

When I started writing articles for Classified Messages. It takes me more than a day to produce a 15000 words article. Now I can write 5000 words in 8 hours!

I noticed as I write daily, my speed and vocabulary increase over time.

Now I can read up materials from different sources and add up my experiences to write a fresh article without having to keep referring to my source while I write.

Study And Do!

Imagine someone that wants to learn how to drive a car.

He gets to take plenty of notes on how to drive without actually holding the steering to drive or use a simulator.

He can spend five years studying the theories as long as he did not seat in the driver seat to hold the steering to accelerate he cannot know how to drive.

If you want to learn public speaking, for example, speak publicly.

Practice your speech before an audience. It can be your family or friends first before getting to the main stage.

Do you want to learn to write? Learn the basics of grammar and storytelling, and then start writing every day.

Is it coding you want to learn, code along with your study.

I use to get some YouTube videos and code along when I was learning how to code and that helps me a lot.

Know How Much You Need To Learn

Figure out the minimum level of proficiency you need to have in the skill you are learning.

For example, if you want to learn how to sing and you do not know how to maintain your keys then you are not proficient enough to sing.

You must first master how to maintain your keys while singing then you move into singing with instrumentals, if you can sing well enough with an instrumental.

Then, you can begin to enter the studio to use studio mic to sing and record.

You will notice that the more you sing the more you become professional.

Practicing while you learn a skill is a sure way you can successfully learn a skill fast.

Practice Is More Important Than Plenty Studies

Often times you come across a young graduate from the university who just graduated with a bachelors in Marketing. You give him a simple task to market a product to someone and he will fail.

This is because while in school he was just studying the theories of marketing without practicing it.

Now, he is in the real world and needs to practice what he studied but alas, there is no practical experience in him and he does not know what to do.

“Practice makes perfect is an old saying that still works today” When you practice what you are learning, you will get moving, and you will get perfect fast in the skill you are learning.

4. Practice Continuously

I cannot stop emphasizing the importance of practice in the act of learning a skill. There is no pint to start learning any skill if you do not want to practice.

If you practice as you learn you will notice that, you are getting good fast.

Schedule Your Practice

The next step is to put in place a practice schedule that enables you to keep getting better daily.

You should create a daily routine that will push you to practice even after you feel you are getting perfect.

Skills can be unlearned over time if you do not practice daily.

If a footballer stops practicing daily, he will notice that over time he will not able to display skills like before. He will dwindle is his skills.

That is why even the world’s best footballers train more.

5. How You Can Create Time To Learn A New Skill

Sometimes when we are faced with any task, we may feel 24 hours of the day is not enough for us to accomplish what we want.

That is human reasoning at work in us. The 24 hours of the day is just enough for us to accomplish whatever task of the day we want to learn.

Master Time Management Skill First

To accomplish your skill learning you must make out the time. Time management itself is a skill that everyone should master.

If you consider your daily schedule, you will notice there is a lot of time-wasting on unimportant things.

Many times, we get into time constraints because we did not use our time wisely at the beginning.

For example, you may be given a task to do in one week. You will relax and before you know what is happening it is day five and you have only 48 hours to submit your task.

Then you will begin to rush to accomplish what you suppose to do in one week for 2 days. Moreover, before you know it you are wasted and tired and you feel 24 hours is not enough for you to accomplish what you want.

No Procrastination!

To create time to learn a new skill is simple; do what you have to do today, today!

Do not leave what you want to do today for tomorrow.

You should avoid procrastination and make your mind to accomplish every day’s task on the same day.

No carryovers!

If you do not find time in life. You make time. If you really like the skill, you will make out time for it!

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