How To Make Your Child Rich Through Public Speaking

How To Make Your Child Rich Through Public Speaking.

Do you often admire good orators and public speakers? Do you think they are born with such a skill?

Well not all of them! Most of them learnt it from school and some from their parents, yes parents, and you too can teach your kid!

If your child can master the Public Speaking Skill, your child can become rich, the only high-income skill with instant gratification.

The feedback, appreciation, and engagement you get with this skill is soul-satisfying.

It is not everyone that can speak well. If you can speak well, you have good speaking skills.

But the ability to speak and convince people is a very old skill that leaders of old have used to conquer nations due to their oratory prowess.

The art of speaking well is in high demand in this physical world as well as the internet.

There is a great demand for good speakers for in-person corporate events, movie industries, comedies, news media, etc.

The marketing industry, where digital marketing belongs relies on good write-ups and speaking skills to convince would-be customers and generate high income.

There are many articles and write-ups about public speaking so I will not waste your time to speak about types or method is public speaking,

What we are interested here is how to our children can grow to be good public speakers or orators, so that they become rich through offering their speaking skills.

You can make your child to be motivating people with a clear and specific actionable message.

So that your child can take a good share of the money that is there in this field,

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The following are steps you can use to make your child a good public speaker.

1. You Should Talk More To Your Child.

Yes, there is no going around this one, just as you learn to write by writing, you learn to speak by speaking simple!

We know that parents usually speak to their children to help them pick up words.

As you prepare your child to be a good speaker you should speak the right things to your child.

If you are not a good speaker, you can get videos or audios for your child to learn to speak along.

2. Be Your Child’s Audio Processor.

As your child begins to learn speech, he or she may not be able to pronounce words well.

So you have the task of correcting and making your child repeat such words for proper pronunciations and clarity.

You must come down in vocabulary to your child’s level to hear, understand communicate to him properly.

The details of your speech will be easily copied when you have come down to his level.

3. Help Your Child Develop His Auditory System.

A good speaker is a good listener.

To be able to become an articulate speaker, one must be a good listener.

It is when one listens properly that one can respond properly.

So as you teach your child how to speak you must also teach you how to listen as the two go together.

A good speaker is a good writer, a good reader, and a good listener.

4. Highlight Difficult Words To Your Child.

Some words are hard even to adults.

So you must take time to highlight those words that your child is finding difficult to pronounce and keep repeating until your child can pronounce them perfectly.

You can as well turn such words pronunciation into a song so that you can make it fun and interesting for your child to learn how to pronounce.

Remember that old nursery rhymes about a hippopotamus?

The rhymes go like this “h-i-p” for the “hip” for the”hip” oh “h-i-p-p-o” for the “hippo” for the “hippo” oh “h-i-p-p-o-p-o-t-a-m-u-s” is “hippopotamus”.

I use to like to singing that song as a kid and believe it has help me know how to pronounce the word “hippopotamus.”

4. Always Test Your Child’s Understanding.

This is not about giving your child test to write or some form of exams.

No, I mean try your child with simple questions that will require your child to speak up some simple answers that require pronunciations of some difficult words.

It can be optional like “which of these animals is the biggest? a hippopotamus or a mouse” the child will no choice than to pronounce “hippopotamus”.

You can also create a situation for your child to want to communicate to you.

You can deliberately hide some of your child’s favorite toys and allow your child to ask for them.

Your child is not able to communicate well at first time but over time the pronunciation will become better.

As your child grows older, you should begin to introduce speaking strategies.

You will find out that it is easier for your child to have a grasp of all the strategies you are teaching him.

He will be well on his way to becoming a good public speaker with rich future.

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