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How To Successfully Learn A Skill At Home By Teaching Yourself

Are you presently at home feeling bored? Do you have free time at home and you don’t know what to do with your time.

The recent Corona Virus (CONVID 19) has forced many to stay at home all over the world as a requirement to fight the menace.

If for any reason you’ve found yourself idling at home, There are skills you can learn from the comfort of your home that will be very useful to you and your career.

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The following are 6 steps you can take to learn a skill at home.

1. Select A Skill Base On Your Interest And Use To Others

Two things should drive you to any skill you want to learn even while you are home. The skill should be of interest to you and it should be useful to others and you too.

The skill should be of interest to you so that you will put your effort into learning it.

 Besides, it means you have the drive to succeed in learning the skill.

It should be of use to others to add value to the skill. If you just learn a skill that others can benefits from the skill. You can monetize the skill easily when you to. You can be able to earn from the skill.

I am not talking about some skills that you want to learn just for yourself, like how to cook or paint your kitchen.

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2. Set Specific Measurable Target For The Skill.

Everything you do in life should have a purpose. When you have a purpose for anything, you should also give a target to that thing.

1. Set Time-Base Targets

Target is set to base on level and time to reach a certain point

Setting a target performance level makes it much easier to identify exactly what you’ll need to practice. 

It may sound simple, but it is an extremely common point of failure for many projects, proposals and undertakings in life.

If you did not decide what you want to achieve before starting a project, you will not figure out how or when to get to the end or accomplish the task.

So is it with learning a skill at home, if you decide what you want to achieve and tie it to a specific time or level you will be able to learn that skill while you are at home.

2. Define Your Target

To learn a skill successfully at home you should define what you want, you should be doing in a clear and detailed plan of what you want to achieve.

Avoid relying on a vague plan like “learn how to cook” Cook what? When? How?

You must set a specific measurable goal, as I want to learn how to cook “fresh fish stew in the next 48 hours”

Your goal is now clear; you want to learn how to cook fresh fish stew and not any other stew. It is also time-bound “48 hours.”

That is in two days, you must have accomplished your task of learning how to cook fresh fish stew.

3. Take One Skill At A Time.

Also, you should avoid taking more than one skill at a time, the other will distract you and in the end, you will not accomplish any of the skills.

Sometimes making a choice on which skill to learn may be difficult when there are many skills you need to learn

So make a list of all of the skills you’d like to learn. When you are ready to commit to a new skill, take out your list and start cutting out the one that is of least importance to you.

You can keep the list and take some break before coming back to cut another one out.

So, you keep doing it until only one is left in your list as the most important skill to learn.

3. Break The Skill You Want Learn Down

Most of the skills we want to learn are a bundle of skills. Chief among them is Web Development.

You will need to learn at least three programming languages to be able to successfully learn Web Development.

Therefore, if you choose web development as the skill you want to learn at home, then you will have to learn HTML, CSSS, and JavaScript so that you will be able to design a basic website.

If you want to go further to make your website stunning and responsive you must add learning some frameworks like JQuery and Bootstrap.

By breaking the skill, you want to learn into more manageable parts, your practice becomes less intimidating, and you can work on improving one sub-skill at a time.

Breaking down the skill into smaller parts is the first step in figuring out which sub-skills are critical.

Most skills follow a similar pattern: a few subskills are critical, while the remainder is rarely used or contribute less to the result.

Practice the most important sub-skills first, and you accelerate your overall rate of skill acquisition.

4. Do A Quick Research To Know What To Expect

Sometimes when you may want to watch a movie you have never seen before you skip through some of the scenes to see what to expect.

You may be expecting the movie to be full of action scenes, but when you skip to through the movie you may discovered not.

Now, you will be tempted to skip the whole movie and check another.

It is good to research what to expect before you dive into learning any skill.

This is to make you ready for what is expected of you as you make up your mind to study the skill you want to learn.

You will then need to find materials on the skill you want to learn at home.

Google is the first point of call in such cases. Try YouTube too.

Next, find a few books, courses, DVDs, or other resources about the skill.

Don’t try to finish them all in detail, you just need to skim them all, one after another.

The most important techniques and ideas will appear often, in multiple sources, allowing you to establish which sub-skills are critical with more confidence.

When you do proper research for an hour or two you will know what you need to learn in that skill. You will also know how to break the skill down into a manageable bit.

Do your research, and then move to real practice as quickly as possible.

Practicing the skill is the only way that will generate the expected outcome.

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5. Avoid Distractions And Procrastinations When Learning The skill

We live in a world full of distraction, there is television, and there are mobile phones everywhere.

In as much as the gadgets are for our convenience, they sometimes become more distractions than help to us.

1. Remove distractions

Sometimes it take more time to even sit down and begin learning, distractions can make you keep procrastination what you want to practice.

Naturally, as humans, if something takes a great deal of thought or effort at the moment, we’re less likely to do it.

You should try to remove distractions from your study by disciplining yourself to put off your phone during practice. Deliberately removing the TV from the room you use for your practice.

2. Make It Easy To Do

You should also try to keep the tools you want you to use for your practice at proximate reach so that you will not be discouraged by the stress of going to bring out your tools.

There is no harm to leave your laptop on your desk always.

So that it will give you easy access and you will be motivated to use your tools for your practice.

Instead of relying on willpower to force yourself to practice, it’s always more effective to change your environment to make practicing as easy as possible.

Little changes, like placing your laptop in an easy-to-reach location, make an enormous difference.

Anything that gets in the way of focused, deliberate practice is an enemy that needs to be destroyed.

6. Invest Your Time Learn And Practice The Skill.

If you want to learn a skill at home, you should be ready for your investment.

You are going to teach yourself skill and let’s face it, it is a very hard thing to do, teaching yourself something, teaching yourself a skill.

1. Arrange Your schedules

You must be willing to rearrange your schedule to put a long time into your learning and practice.

Also, you may need to invest more than two-thirds of the hours of a day into practice if you want appreciable results.

Start small then build your time investment slowly so that your body can adjust to the demand of the study.

If you invest an hour the first day, make it two hours the second day and keep pushing it until you can reach at least eight hours a day on your training.

You may need to sit down to take out your calendar and do the math.

When are you going to do the practice? Which distractions will you remove? Which time will spare? What will you reschedule, or stop doing to make the time from?

If before now, you always spend four to five hours a day watching movies, make it two and deliberately stop watching completely with time.

What I use to tell myself so that I will ignore movies on Netflix and TV shows is that these movie actors have developed their skills that is why I can watch them in the movies.

Me, what skill do I have, who will watch me?

Therefore, if you want to learn your skills fast, you should consider reading this article: How To Successfully Learn A New Skill Fast

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2. Commit Your Time

If you think you don’t have time, or you are unwilling to accept the necessary steps to make the time, it simply means that the skill isn’t really important to you.

If you’re not willing to commit to at least 2 hours of practice a day to acquire a new skill, then it is probably better you don’t start the project but do something else.

Let your true priorities be made before you decide to stop the inconsistency.

Commit yourself or others so that it will become your drive as you may not want to be associated with failure.

You should know that the early hours of practice of any skills are going to very hard and challenging.

It will be so unbearable sometimes that it will make you want to quit. If you can hold on for some time, you will reach its elastic limit and overcome it.

If you do find yourself stuck at home, and well enough to put that time to good use, why not try learning the following skills.

Type of Physical Skill You Can Learn At Home

1. Learn Art, Sketching

Drawings, sketching are skills that can be very marketable; they can make you earn so much money.

You can learn this skill at home.

If you decide to learn art then your source of materials will be books, google search and YouTube.

You can also find an online course that you can take to boost your knowledge.

2. Learn Cooking

Your stay at home will meaningful, if you use it to learn some cooking skills.

Whether you’re baking cakes, making bread or following a recipe for a delicious dinner, you can improve your cooking skills and enjoy the fruits of your labor afterward.

The Source of materials is Youtube.

3. Learn Calligraphy

Make your stay at home worthwhile by learning this important skill.

It takes around 2 hours to learn the basics, but in this craft, practice makes perfect; by the end of two weeks, you’ll be able to surprise everyone around with your stunning words.

Google Search, Coaching, YouTube and Books will be your resources.

4. Learn Knitting

As you stay at home why don’t you consider this important skill; though this skill may be more fitted for the women, the men too can be up for the challenge.

Your improvement in any skill is directly related to how much you practice but knitting is a fantastic way to keep busy and can even be a great way to earn some money.

Your resources can be Coaching, YouTube and Books.

5. Learn Yoga

Do you want to keep your mind and body in sound health? Try yoga, It is a skill that teaches meditation.

Keep up the exercise and discover a new way to work out that can continue long after you’re free to get back in the gym.

Resources will be Coaching and YouTube.

6. Learn Chess

Learn Chess skills while you stay at home. It helps you think analytically.

The easiest way to learn to play chess is by playing, and this you can do online.

Resources is Coaching and YouTube

7. Learn How To Play Musical instrument

Many people want to know how to play musical instruments. If you are one of them then it should be the skill you should learn while at home.

To learn to play an instrument is by 99% practice.

Therefore, do you have the instruments to get to learning?

Resources are Instruments, Coaching, and YouTube.

8. Learn A New Language

The ability to learn a language is a skill and you can learn while you are at home.

You can certainly take an online language course; you will most likely have to pay for those. However, on YouTube, you can learn a language free.

Whether you’re picking up where you left off in school or trying something new, you can get far in a few weeks and it can be extremely beneficial once things are back to normal.

Resources is Books, Coaching and YouTube.

9. Learn Creative Writing

Now that you have the time to be at home, why not read books and write

A fantastic way of escaping from everyday life is reading books and writing stories as it helps to build up your vocabulary and improve on the basic storytelling skills you posses.

You can learn the type of genre you like, something like fiction and begin writing novels right from the comfort of your home.

You can get resources from Books, Google search, and YouTube.

10. Learn Sewing Clothes

Do you own a sewing machine? Can you get one? You have the time to learn sewing and become a fashion designer.

You can earn a lot of money from designing clothed for others or even change your career.

You will need a coach to learn this skill but YouTube may help too.

11. Learn Shorthand And Handwriting Expertise

Shorthand may seem outdated now. However, handwriting is not, it is an extremely useful skill to have; you’ll soon be able to take notes significantly faster culminating in around 225 words per minute by hand.

As a handwriting expert, your skill will be needed by the police to solve a crime.

Materials are Books and YouTube.

12. Learn Magic Tricks

You can learn some simple tricks while you stay at home

Learn how to make some simple tricks using cards.

Handy for enthralling the youngsters in your family, some simple card tricks take quite a bit of time to master but are an easy crowd-pleaser.

Resources include YouTube and Google search

13. Learn Dancing

This is the time to learn those dancing steps you do not know how to do then. You can also learn ballet.

It is a skill you can learn while you stay at home.

Your source of materials is Coaching and YouTube.

Other Skills To Learn  Includes


Painting, etc.

Online skills are the easiest to learn at home.

The following are online skills you can learn at home.

1. Learn Coding skills

Coding is a skill you can conveniently learn at home, you may not need anyone to teach you.

With coding skills, you can go into any branch of software development.

You can develop mobile apps or web apps, which you can host on the Internet.

This is a high income skill that can change your life entirely if done properly.

Your resources include Books, YouTube, Google search and online courses.

2. Learn Content And Copy-Writing Skills

Writing is a skill that can be conveniently learned at home.

This is a vast skill that can be further sub-divided into blogging, freelancing writing, booking writing, copywriting and much more.

The possibilities are endless for making money with writing.

Writing can be done anywhere. You just need a computer. You don’t even need the Internet unless you’re doing research or sharing your work with someone else.

Resources include Books, Google Search, YouTube, and online courses.

Grammarly helps compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with its AI-powered writing assistant. From grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly helps you eliminate errors and find the perfect words of expression.

3. Learn Project Management

You can learn Project management skills from your home.

With virtual meetings replacing most of in-person meetings, this can now take place anywhere thanks to Internet technology.

Resources include Books, Google search, YouTube and Online courses.

4. Learn Virtual Assistance

You can learn another useful skill while you are at home. It is called a virtual assistant. As its name suggests, you are assistant that work from anywhere.

All you have to do is be available online and do what your employer or client requires.

Your work can be done on the computer like data entry, document writing, reading, updating websites, etc.

Resources include Books, Google search, and YouTube and Online courses.

5. Learn Internet Advertising

Learn advertising on internet skill while you are at home.

For example, search engines are hosted on the Internet, so your job is done online.

It includes buying ads, hosting ads, etc.

Online consultants are present to help with buying ads in a cost-effectively way, which many people don’t know how to do.

Resources need to learn this skill include Google Search, YouTube, Online courses and Books.

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6. Learn Social Media Marketing

Do you have a phone and a social media account?

Then you are good to go!

Your ability to create an online presence on social media and gather enough followers is the skill that is required.

You can easily acquire this skill in the comfort of your home.

Resources include Google search, YouTube and Online course.

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7. Learn Blogging Skills

You are reading this article from one now. I learned how to do this blog at home.

If I can, you too!

Resources are Google search, YouTube, Online Course and me, yes Me!

Contact me today and I will help you learn this important skill.

8. Learn Consulting Skills

You can learn this skill online and at home. Consulting is all about the meetings.

Presently, most meetings are now done online to save travel time and costs.

Therefore, this is a mostly online job.

This is true regardless of what kind of consulting you’re doing.

Resources include Google Search, YouTube, and the online Course.

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9. Learn Teaching and Coaching Skills

You can learn this skill from your home.

Like consulting, this is all about meeting people and communication.

Unless you’re teaching something like sports, you can do a lot online.

Even if you’re teaching sports, you can create videos online to show people how to play sports.

Resources include Google Search, YouTube, and the online Course.

10. Learn Affiliate Marketing skill

This is a very lucrative skill that if you learn at home and use it properly you will make good money for yourself.

Affiliate marketing is the posting of affiliate links from different companies on your website.

This works like ads but less intrusive.

It involves all the other online marketing techniques like SEO and search engine advertising.

Resources include Google search and  YouTube.

The objective is to get people to convert by clicking on your affiliate links, which takes an expert to do.

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11. Learn E-Commerce Skills

Learn this skill while you are staying at home and it helps you earn good money for yourself.

Buying stuff online is convenient, so naturally, sellers meeting the demand.

Once people know that your online store exists and has useful stuff.

Then the revenue will be coming in.

Resources includes Google search, YouTube Videos, online courses.

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If you need resources to learn skills at home you should consider reading this article : Where To Learn High Income Skills Online


This are by no means the only online skills you can learn at home. There are tons of others not mention here.

The focus of this article is not on the example of skills to learn at home but how to learn the skills at home

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