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How To Learn A Skill At Home (During Corona Virus Lock-Down)

Are you stuck at home now and do not know what to use your time to do?

If you are healthy and sound but bored be grateful you are alive!

I want to tell you that this the best time to learn a new skill while you wait for the pandemic to be over and life returns to normal.

This was article was written during the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic that forced nations around the world to declare lock-down and compulsory stay at home as one of the most important means of controlling the spread of the virus.

This is a means of fighting the virus through reducing social contact which is also referred to as “Social distancing” as the virus is transmitted mostly through contact from one infected person to an uninfected person

I am not a medical expert, so I will not talk more about the disease other than advice that you seek proper information from the proper authorities.

Well. while you are a home staying safe, why don’t you learn a new skill and increase your source of income now and when you survive the pandemic.

Note: Due to instructions on social distancing, It is advisable that the skills that you want to learn should be through online instructions and channels only.

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How To Learn A Skill At Home

Business Skills You can Learn At Home

I want to tell you that you can learn a new skill at home while you wait for the (Corona virus) pandemic to be over.

This is how to learn the new skills

Check out this article for the best way to learn a skill fast : How To Successfully Learn A New Skill Fast

1. Chose The Right And Suitable Skill.

There are many skills you have been dreaming to learn all these years. Now you have the opportunity to learn.

However, this does not mean that you should try to learn all of them at the same time, no!

Just choose the most important to you and the one you have an affinity to learn fast.

You may face challenges in learning such a skill, as there is no going out and no physical contact to seek help from some coach somewhere.

So, your reasons for learning a new skill should be defined from the beginning.

What specific problem am I trying to solve by learning this skill?

Are there certain aspects of the skill that are more applicable to my situation than others are?

You should therefore, choose the skills to learn base on the following reasons:

The skill is something that you’re passionate about; and

Learning the skill will help you to solve a problem that you’re having, or it applies directly to your life.

Or learning the skill will lead to a better life for you like to increase income etc.

If you are a student, you may focus on skills that will make you get better grades when schools open or learn something entirely different so that you can be able to start a small business with the skill you learned while staying at home.

Let the reason for meeting the target skill should be clear to you. You may want to finish or reach a certain level before your school or work resumes.

2. Set A Target To Achieve Your Goal.

You should set a target for achieving your goals. When you choose a skill that you want to learn, ensure that you write down your objective as a goal statement.

Let your goal be specific, and not vague. Something like, “I want to finish learning HTML in 4 weeks”

You should make your target realistic and achievable.

A plan on how many hours you want to invest in learning the skill should outline properly.

Like planning to spend, “at least two hours daily on learning the skill” will help you stay focused.

3. Set Deadline To What You Want To Achieve.

Making plans and setting targets without a deadline will not lead to the required result.

Forecast what you want to achieve in one day, one week or one month.

Plan the stage you must reach every hour of learning.

Break down your learning schedule into smaller units and face each one until you finish before going to the next stage.

All your plans should be time-bound so that when you are behind schedule you will double up and work harder to achieve and achieving in time will lead to meeting targets.

4. Work On Developing Your Talents.

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Talents are developed over the years of learning and practice. They are not as inherent as many believed.

Yes, some people are faster learners than others are, so they can learn and apply what they learned within the shortest time.

So, we usually say that they have talents.

But it is not talents at work, it is because they have a higher IQ that is all. Moreover, everyone can develop his or her IQ and perform better.

So give yourself the time to learn and be consistent in your practice and in no time you will become an expert in your chosen skill.

5. Be Determined And Believe In Yourself.

You are what you say of yourself. You become what you confess about yourself.

To succeed in a new skill, you must first trust your ability and believe you are capable of learning the skill you want to learn.

It is like a man that wants to learn how to drive. If he keeps believing and saying that he can never know how to drive, he will never!

This is because, fear will creep into his mind and he will not be able to learn the driving out of fear.

Fear does not live in the brain, it lives in the heart. Therefore, you must make a concise effort to replace your fear with faith that you are capable of.

The brain never stops changing through learning. When you learn a new skill the areas in your brain that deal with that skill will grow, irrespective of how old you are.

Our brain does not stop learning.

6. Aim Above Average In The Skill You Want To Learn.

If you want to succeed in whatever venture you undertake you must always aim for the best, the top.

So that if you do not make it to the top, you will land in the average or above.

For example, If you want to score 70 % in an exam you must plan for 100% so that in the case your examiner reduces your marks because some errors here and there you still land at 70%.

Plan to be the best in what you do. Give time to your studies, learn more, learn smart and practice more.

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7. Research The Skill You Want To Learn.

The internet is your friend at this time. Google is your first point of call, get on YouTube videos, tutorials, courses, get books, downloaded soft copies if you need to and so on about the skill that you want to learn.

Ensure that you choose high-quality resources. Go through your resources quickly to help you to begin to identify what you need to do to learn the skill.

Skip through the study materials you have to have a glimpse of what to expect.

This will help you develop a general mental framework of the process that you will help you learn the skill fast.

8. Focus On One Skill At A Time.

classified messages one skill at atime

Some skills are bundles of skills; you must break them down into easily digestible bits to understand.

For example, if you want to learn web development as a skill, then you must learn some different programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, etc. before combining them to do web development.

So you should first start with the primary skill needed, in this case, it is HTML, ensure you have a well grasped of the needed rudiments of the language before moving to the next one, which is CSS, when you have a good understanding of the first two, you can then move into JavaScript

9. Concentrates On Your Strengths, Ignore Your Weaknesses.

You know your strengths. If you are a good writer, then learning blogging at such a time will be the way to go.

If you are good at design, learn graphic design or if you are good at the use of computer or mathematics then go for web design, etc.

When learning a new skill, identify those sub-skills, which will give you more of the outcome that you want.

You can use the period to learn speech and public speaking if you are a good speaker.

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10. Follow What Is Working For Others.

There is no harm in following what works.

As you may not have physical contact at this time, you should utilize social media to follow those that are successful in the skill that you want to learn and follow what works for them.

You can learn from others and when you gain enough knowledge, it will be easy for you to adjust or make improvements to suit your needs.

11. Dream, Visualize The Skill You Want To Learn.

If you want to learn a skill, you must keep visualizing yourself using such a skill.

You can watch YouTube videos about such skill and imagine all that you need to acquire such a skill

Find those that are successful in such a field on social media and watch what they are doing.

Copy what they do to be successful but ensure you make some small changes to create your style.

12. Learn By Practicing.

classified messages learn by practice

You may be tempted to keep reading, studying or watching the skills you want to learn without actually practicing the skills.

Learning a skill is different from learning a course in order to pass exams. You learn a skill by practicing the skill. If for example, you chose to learn how to develop Apps or Websites, you must practice how to code daily.

You are not going to help yourself by reading many books on programming.

What you need is to learn the basic theory behind the programming language you want to learn then you begin to code along as go through the examples in the book.

You can also get YouTube Videos or tutorials on what you want to learn and practice along.

Do your homework, then shift to real practice as quickly as possible. Practicing the skill in context is the only thing that generates lasting results.”

Practicing is the only way to learn anything. Unfortunately, practicing can get repetitive and monotonous.

That’s why to learn a new skill, you need to have discipline and patience.

Examples Of Skills You Can Learn At Home By Yourself

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Web Designers are high-income earners

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This requires knowledge that is the knowledge that is a bit more technical.

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YouTube Personality

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In conclusion, there are many skills to learn from the comfort of your home that is not covered here. Ensure that you choose the skill that you have interest on and it is on high demand.

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