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How To Be Successful Without Working Hard

Do you want to succeed in what you do in life without hard work?

I want to tell you that it is possible for you to be successful without having to work hard.

That is why I have tried to outline some ways you can follow to be able to achieve success without hard work.

This is because there are ways to achieve great things in life without having to break your back due to working hard.

If you check this article : How To Be Successful In Life Without Good Grades , I outline three important things you need to focus on if making good grades is not you thing as a student.

These are Develop Talents, Start A business or Do Sports

Disclaimer: This article is not any way discrediting the need to work hard for success. It is always good to work hard for your success.

I just want to tell you that there are situations when even if you do not work hard, you will still be successful.

You can also achieve success even if you have nothing as stated in How To Achieve Success In Life With Nothing

The following are ways you can get success and be successful in life without working hard.

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you want to be successful without working hard, then you must work smarter!

At times, you may think that the more and harder you work, the better your results will be.

Yes, that is what everyone believes too. So you hear statements like “he is such a hardworking man”, “a hard-working staff” “a hardworking student”.

Therefore, if you fail, you will feel like you have not worked hard enough so you get the urge to just work harder to achieve success next time.

However, I will say, rather than working harder, try working more efficiently.

Just take your time away from the challenges of getting the success you need and focus on a better way to achieve such.

Re-assess your methods and way of doing things and come up with a better way of doing the same thing to achieve the success you so desire.

Don’t be contended with one way of doing things, always seek alternatives, seek better and simpler way to achieve the same or better results.

2. Focus On What Is Important

Sometimes, the step you may take to achieve a certain thing may be the bogus way.

You may just end up spending too much of your time and energies bogged down in things that will not ultimately help you succeed.

Like, taking on too many projects at the same time, focusing on details that are not particularly important, spending more time making the steps do the thing you want to perfect.

You get into a situation of overthinking and over-analyzing the entire steps you needed to take to be successful in what you want to do.

What you need to do is to focus on what is important so as to create a sense of clarity to succeed without overworking yourself.

You can start by writing out what is essential to your goal and what you need to do to be successful in your given situation.

Therefore, if you find yourself given too much attention and more time to some things than other things apart from those essential things, then you are not working smart but working hard.

You are not focusing on what is important either

3. Stop Multitasking, One Step At Time

As I have said earlier when you multitask, you will end up spending much energy to pursue things that may not end up being successful in the end.

This is because you will end up overworking yourself in the process.

Multitasking is a sure way to hurt your success rate and increase your workload because you take on too many tasks at the same time.

When you focus on one assignment or task at a time, you will not multitask.

You should only take one task at a time, focus on it, finish it, and then move on to next.

Your brain will concentrate well to give the needed idea and direction to follow to achieve the success you need.

In the end, you will not need to work hard to achieve success; you will only need to work smarter.

4. Focus On Progress, Not Perfection

You should focus on moving on from one step to another at a time and not necessarily have to be perfect before you get to the next step.

If you keep trying so hard for perfection in each step before going to next, you will just keep wasting time and in the end, you will not achieve anything.

This is because when you are learning or doing something new, you will always have the feeling that you need to do more.

You will not be contented with what you have done at any moment; always feeling you can do better.

If you focus on making every step perfect, and you did not getting the perfection you want, you may feel disappointed and this can lead to depression, which will ultimately affect your productivity.

5. Do Not Be Too Busy Without Taking A Break

In your attempt to do things perfectly and achieve success, you may be tempted to overwork yourself and refuse to take breaks.

Working so hard like that will not ensure success for you; it only breeds stress that will ultimately affect your productivity.

This is because if you force yourself working long hours to achieve what you want, you may end up doing a low-quality service or product.

However, instead of worrying about how many hours you need to stay busy, realize that life is short and other things can make you successful.

Take time for breaks, rejuvenate, relax and think about the best way to do what you want easily.

If you spend less time on the work and more time planing how to achieve your plans, you will make more time for yourself and end up being successful.

6. Spend Time To Think Over Your Plans

As I have said earlier, you should avoid getting too busy without having a break.

The next thing you must be doing if you want to be successful without working hard is to take enough time to think over the best way to do what you need to do to be successful in what you want to achieve.

For example, if you have any problem that is limiting your success, take some time away from it.

You should do research and study the steps you need to take to achieve success.

This will help you use your brain well to gain insights and new perspectives that may help you solve some challenges affecting your success.

7. Set Standards And Limits To Your Work

To be successful without working hard, you must set the standards for the work you want to do.

You will also need to set limits to the duration of what you want to do and the time invested in doing such a thing.

So, if you are someone who constantly finds himself or herself staying after hours, answering late-night calls and always on your computer throughout the day, you must set limits.

Besides, you should set the time you need to stop all work-related activities and force yourself to take a break to relax and refresh yourself.

You should also make plans to do things that are out of your work like meeting friends who will hold you accountable for not showing up.

Taking a weekend trip with your family or friends to where you’ll be able to stay away from your work for a moment.

8. Reduce Associate Stress

You must focus on your work alone if you want to achieve success without working hard.

If you don’t focus on your work you will be occupied trying to fix problems for others and may get so caught up in other people’s problems that can exasperate your challenges.

Just know that you can’t fix everyone’s problems, you can only give a try.

However, if you focus on your friends, family, or neighbors burdens, you will end up getting overwhelmed with their problems that it will affect your productivity

Just let go of all stress that can’t be controlled and focus on your work.

9. Expect Disappointments

It is not everything that you plan in life that will be successful, expect disappointments sometimes especially if you want to be successful in life without hard work.

Life can throw unexpected hurdles at you at any time. If you stick to your plans and ideas and unwilling to be flexible, you may end up pushing too hard and getting off the track.

Now that you want to be successful without working hard, you should expect the unforeseen obstacle as opportunities to help push you in directions you did not plan for and which may end up for your advantage.

Expecting disappointments is staying flexible to ensures that you are more likely to be successful, without having to work harder than you should.

10. Work On Schedule And Keep Routines 

If you want to be successful without working hard, you must work with schedule and keep routines.

This is because most of the stress we feel every day comes from making decisions on the things we need to do.

So, rather than spending your entire day trying to decide between variables and possibilities you must consider.

Just create simple routines such as the time you check e-mails, the time you should you go to the gym, or even the time to eat. 

Do not wear yourself down with simple things of life like what to wear or eat when there are many other bigger stress to contend with in life.

You should take time to plan your schedules in your free time like the weekends, then take time to prepare for your routines for the week or month to simplify your life.

Plan everything you will do in life while you concentrate on achieving your goals.

11. Value The Help And Inputs Of Others 

If you must be successful in life without hard work, you must need help from someone else.

The reason you feel successful when you work so much is that you can have a material reward for your labor.

When you value things like relationships and personal health over things money can get you.

It will help you feel more success without needing to spend all your time working.

Success is what you make it.

Therefore, you should appreciate the effort of others that have helped make the work easier for you and it will make you will receive more help from others.

12. Let Your Money Work For You

If you want to be successful in life without working hard, then you will need someone to do the work for you.

Therefore, instead of doing work or business for yourself, why not invest in someone’s business and let your money work for you.

This is because when you invest in a retirement plan through work and accumulate savings so that you’ll spend less time working later in life and more time doing the things you enjoy.

You can also do something you love so that you will not have the feeling of doing hard work on things that you don’t like.

13. Celebrate Small Successes

You should always remember to celebrate small successes so that you will have a feeling of accomplishment.

This is because if you’re always working toward a certain goal and feel successful, you may end up enjoying your work and it will not be a burden for you.

It is good to always have your head down working without realizing all of the great accomplishments you’re making along the way.

This will make you feel you successful in your work without working hard.

To achieve this, you can make lists of the various important things you need to reach your goal. Each time you accomplish one, take some time away from work and celebrate your success.

14.  Partner, Network And Employ Others

As I have said earlier, you will need help if you want to be successful without working hard.

This is because sometimes the work must be done for you to accomplish the success you desire in what you want to do.

Therefore, if you do not want to do the work, employ someone to help you do the work, this is also a case of letting your money work for you.

You can also get a partner to help reduce the weight of the work or duty you need to accomplish.

When you network, you will get ideas on how to go about your business or work without necessarily having to do hard work.

If you want to be successful without having to kill yourself with hard work, you can read this How To Do Things For Yourself To Be Successful In Life and follow the steps in Steps To Start Doing Things For Yourself To Be Successful In Life


You should know that working hard is important in achieving life goals, no doubt.

However, in case you are overwhelmed by work and you feel you need success, but cannot be able to put in the required physical effort, you should consider the steps I suggested here.

Otherwise, I am a proponent of hard work in everything you do to achieve your desired goal.

Nevertheless, sometimes working hard does not give the result you need, so working smart is better.

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