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Hello, I am Tallachi Philemon with Classified Messages. 

I tell stories, real stories, I mean possible stories, I make analysis and give suggestions, I tell realities and predict outcomes.

I will teach you how to teach yourself skills: Business Skills, High Income 

Skills and Life Skills.

It is what you plant that you will reap, at least always. if you nurture the seed properly.

Everyone likes the life right, and want to live the good life, too!

Learn A Skill Today To Live The Life You Want.


Classified Messages

Classified Messages is a platform for positive stories, transformation stories. 

It is for advice, it is an avenue for guidance for a life of purpose, and of achievement.

Oh okay, I know what you are thinking now, you want to know about me, you want to know whether I am an achiever myself or not.

I boldly say “yes I am an achiever,” If not for anything, at least you are reading one of my achievements now, right?

At classified  Messages we do not just blog for entertainment, we blog for enrichment, we give recipes for success, we give messages that transform lives and teach money making skills

Whatever you want to do in life, as long as it is legitimate, you can do it and heaven yes, you can achieve it.

We will give you true guidance, that is our specialty, for we have made it our mission to help those that want to do something positive for themselves just like you.

Classified Messages will make you succeed, achieve and create wealth. 

Yes real wealth is not just about having money, real wealth is touching the life others, it is giving value to the life of others with the investment in your self.

These investments comes through your efforts in life.

In the end, you will make the money when you give out value to others.

Is that not what you want?


Tallachi Philemon writes for Classified Messages

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