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7 Steps To Easily Become Rich And Successful In Life

I don’t know about you, but I want to be rich and successful in life. I want to have the wealth to live the kind of life I want to live.

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Knowledge Is Wealth

If there is anything I have learned in my four decades on this earth, it is that the only obstacle to becoming successful and rich is the lack of knowledge on how to be rich.

Knowledge is power, knowledge is also wealth.

It is what separates the have and the have not, the rich and the poor.

The interesting thing about knowledge is that it is deliberately sought, it does not just come on its volition.

Knowledge is Information

That is is the reason it is possible to have all the required information on doing something documented in a book, and someone can have the said book kept on his or her shelf for years.

If the person does not get up and study the book, the knowledge will not reveal itself from the book.

There are a million ways to get rich in the world that you can try if you want to get rich, but I will tell you that it is not all of them that will work for you.

Wealth Can Be Worn

Everyone has his coat of getting rich suited in a certain business attire.

If you can get the right attire that, you will become rich.

Your ability to detect the right dress for yourself is what makes you successful.

However, the good thing is that you can sew you dress yourself.

That is, you can make your wealth out of your efforts.

Wealth Is A State Of Mind

What you have to understand is that being rich is more than getting enough cash.

Getting rich is a state of mind that if implemented with precise knowledge, can give you a rich life.

If you want to create sustainable wealth, you will need a strong desire with the right knowledge of the right steps to take.

If you have some burning desires to become rich, then I can show you some proven ways to become rich legitimately. 

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The Following Are 7 Steps To Become Rich And Successful  

1. Develop A Talent Or A Skill

There is the assertion that some people are born with talents, so they become skillful in what they do effortlessly.

I want to debunk this fallacy as FAKE and UNTRUE.

There is nobody that is born with the talent to become skillful in any profession.

Talent may help you learn a skill faster, it will not make you skillful if you do not put in effort to learn.

All the skillful and talented individuals dominating their filed in life today worked their way up.

The reality of the matter is that no one in the world is born without one form of talent or the other.

That is why you may be good in swimming, writing, reading, running, playing soccer, volleyball, while someone will be good in other things.

Many people out there are making a lot of money simply by launching their talents.

The talents they developed over time, some of them right from when they were toddlers.

They also take time to continue the practice and re-invent themselves to keep afloat in their field of endeavor.

If you take a trip along with the most successful athletes in the world today, you will find out that they are constantly training to keep to their game.

I am presently a follower of the great European footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram and I can tell you that I often see some if his post on the training and exercise he does daily to keep fit.

It is just amazing what he does to keep to the top of his game.

I even saw in one video, he was doing some form of exercise in water!

No wonder he has won the Ballon d’Or for a record five times.

I recently read somewhere that one of the top American singers, Beyonce will take three months to rehearse for a 5 minutes display!

That is as much effort as these successful celebrities put into getting the visible success we see from them.

They take time to keep practicing and reinventing themselves.

Developing a talent or a skill requires practice and discipline to achieve.

It takes years of practice to achieve meaningful progress in a given field.

Some people may have the advantage of being a fast learners, but that does not mean that they are born with more talents, no, if they do not practice they will not excel.

Therefore, if you want to be rich and successful today, develop a talent irrespective of your age, start today.

2. Do Not Despise Little Beginnings

Drops of water make the oceans right?

You should not look down on those first things that you need to do to achieve success.

These first steps are the building blocks you need to form your achieving success in life.

At this stage, it may be hard and lonely for you.

Nobody knows you and wants to associate with you.

You are not going to get the required help you need at this moment.

It will seem dark and impossible journey for you to succeed, and sure it is.

This is the time you may have fewer likes and followers of your social media platforms.

You must, however, not relent to keep posting to your social media platform good contents as, over the time, it is your product and services that will speak for you.

I once heard a part of a speech delivered by the great American actor Arnold Swassnegger.

He said that he was working in a construction site by the day and taking acting lessons by the night.

He will later go on to take accent removal classes, keep rehearsing to become perfect to fit into the American lifestyle.

Later, his body structure and accent proof important to the success of the Terminator Franchise because it made him sound like a machine as the Director needed.

If you want to be rich and successful, you must ensure that you work on your little beginnings because they determine where you will be in the future.

3. Learn To Save Now

Photo Credit : Unsplash

If you want to be rich and successful, you must learn to learn to save and invest. Benjamin Franklin once said ‘’a penny saved is a penny earned’’

Maybe you are working as a storekeeper or a Janitor now and your income can barely pay your bills and you feel you do not need to save because you do not have enough.

Then you are heading to failure if you have such a mentality.

Saving is a habit, an attitude that you need to develop when you have less and not when you have more.

It is when you can save from a less that you can save from a more.

You have to look at what you hold for the future and what you think the future holds for you.

If you spend everything you have earned, then you have not earned anything that you have spent.

What you need to do now is to cut a portion of your monthly income and save.

Apportion a percentage of your income, say start with 10% and grow the percentage over time.

It may be hard to do at first, but as you practice it will become easier for you with time.

Spend some other portion to meet your needs and save to invest the rest.

4. Consider Starting A Business

Every billionaire today is into a form of business or the other.

Even the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and technocrats are into one form of business or the other.

A business can offer products or services to customers or offer both.

Some people start business that have grown into billion dollars establishment by error.

For example, when Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook as a teenager, he did not envisage that Facebook with grow to this level today.

He once confessed that he developed the app to help his school mates communicate with each other easily.

He was not thinking of making it a big business venture as it has grown to be today.

There are several people out there making a lot of money by simply starting their businesses.

What you need to do to start a business is to come up with the ideas and solutions to problems others are facing and as you solve people’s problem you are paid in the process.

It not every business that needs lot of money to start, business requires your developed skill or talent to blossom.

What you need is your courage and dedication to facilitate the needed move.

5. Consider Offering Your Service As A Business

As I have said earlier, good business, thrive on your developed talents and skills.

If you offer a good service to customers, you will be paid for that easily.

The service you offer can vary according to the industry you chose to ply your trade, but all are geared towards information, enlightenment and entertainment of your customers.

You products may not always be tangible like physical products.

If you own a blog website or a YouTube channel where you teach and offer you expertise in your field of endeavor.

You will be able to earn money from ads and to get people buy your products.

This is offering education as a service.

Sometimes, you do not need to be an expert in a certain field before you begin to offer service in that field.

You can decide to be learning and teaching your experience in the process.

When I started this blog Classified Messages, I did not know much about my blogging niche, but as I continued to work on my site, I gained knowledge daily that I am able to teach others.

6. Consider Multiple Source Of Income

If you want to be rich and successful, you must have more than source of income.

It is good to supplement your source of income by having a side hustle even if you are working in a 9 to 5 job.

With the advent of many online business opportunities around.

You can learn how to successfully run your online business during your spare time of your work hours or at home in the night or week end.

There are side hustles you can start directly from your home or even as you walk to and from your job.

All you need is to learn how manage your time and get something out your time.

They say that your network is your net worth.

These days, majority of people do side hustles, even those with huge salaries are not left out of this.

There is no better way of getting financial freedom than knowing you can earn some extra income before and after you leave work in the evening.

There are many options for you to consider.

You can be a freelancer, a blogger, own an e-Commerce website or a YouTube channel.

In addition, you can also consider physical side hustles, if your job can permit.

7. Invest Your Income For Compound Earnings

There are several ways out there that you can invest your money and get more money in return.

In fact, the little money you have can grow if planted in the right investments.

There is no better way of investing your money than getting in the stock market.

However, this is especially beneficial to those people with financial knowledge.

Stocks have the capability of making you a millionaire overnight and can make you bankrupt within the same time.

If you want to invest in the stocks, you take your time to understand some nitty-gritty of the industry.

There are some rules that you have to follow to become successful in the stock market.

You can also diversify your portfolio by investing in bonds.

They give you a predictable income stream and they pay interest twice a year.

There are other ways to invest your money, but you must be very cautious and also prudent in the kid of investment you do.

You may also consider the real estate because there is always money in real estate development as you can never get into real estate and things go wrong that easily.

Real estate has proven to be one of the legitimate ways of making huge money due to the increase in investment property value over time.

If you make investing and savings a habit now, you will be in a much better position tomorrow.

Just make enough money to get yourself out of the debts.

When you are debt free, you will eventually become a professional in saving, budgeting and investing.

Debts always pull you back when you are focused on getting a better financial life.

You should also get health insurance and a retirement plan as early as possible.

The reality is that the most powerful force in the entire universe is the power of compound interest.

In most cases, when people think of interest, they think in terms of debts.

However, interests can as well work in your favor.

When you save or invest, your money earns interest on the saved or the invested amount.

This means that you should save and invest as much as you can. 

You build wealth through the compound interest on all your earnings.

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I know you may be wondering, these steps are not easy! And you said ” 7 steps to easily become rich and successful in life” 

Yes, it is easy because, it does not require any qualification or family background to succeed.

All that is required is your determination and application of required knowledge.

Therefore anybody can successful in life

Go all out and become successful!

Tallachi Philemon writes for Classified Messages.

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He is also the owner of TALPHITECH, a web and app design and development company.


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