10 Steps To Personally Coach Your Child Sports

Raising a child is a full-time job that needs all the attention of the parent.

If you want your child to be skillful in any chosen career or activity you must begin early to inculcate in them the rudiments of that activity. 

You may be a parent that likes sports or you just fancy great sports players that are making names around the world and you wished that you are one of them.

Well, I am sorry to inform you that it is rather too late for you to learn a sport and excel in it once you have reached your adult life.

Sport Is Learned Early In Life

Sports competitions are usually pegged by age-grade because they are physical activities that require the agility of young people.

You cannot start training to become a footballer at the age of 30 when most footballers retire before 40.

So if you love sport and you are too old to learn sport how do you do?  The best answer is to train your child to do sport and excel.

Sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

It can be practiced as a form of exercise, for a prize or as a career.

Now you may say to yourself; I don’t know any sport, God, I can’t even kick a ball how do I then train my child sports?

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You Have Influence On Your Child

You should know that as parents, you have so much influence over your children. As such, you have the power to teach them what you want them to learn.

You don’t need to be perfect in sport to teach a sport to your child.

You can guide your child into the right resources and activities and watch him take the path you have chosen for him.

I have carefully outlined below ten steps you can follow to transform your child into a future sports champion.

1. Create Sport Interest In Your Child

Sport is a strenuous activity that abhors laziness.

The first thing you need to do is to instill in your child the interest in sporting activities.

Whether you are teaching your child to run, ride a bike, swim or climb, you will need to create fun in the activities.

You should break down the steps into smaller skills and objectives.

Most children enjoy riding a bicycle for example, because of the fun of movement.

You can capitalize on such excitement to train your kid cycling.

Kids riding bicycle

2. Train Your Child To Choose The Right Sport 

If you want your child to perform excellently in sport or you want to choose any sport as a career for your child.

You must be involved in the selection for the right sport for him.

Serena and Venus Williams are two sisters that have maintained the lead in the Tennis world for years.

They did not learn to play Tennis on their own or through some school team.

No, they were taught and coached by their father!

You Can Train Your Child!

Their father, Richard Dove Williams Jr trained them when they were young.

It was said that he took tennis lessons from a man known as “Old Whiskey” and decided his future daughters would be tennis professionals when he saw Virginia Ruzici playing on television.

Williams says that he wrote up a 78-page plan, and started giving lessons to Venus and Serena when they were four and a half.

He began taking them to the public tennis courts. Soon he got them into Shreveport tennis tournaments.

In 1995, Williams pulled them out of a tennis academy and coached them himself.

So you don’t have to be a professional in a field before you can teach your children to excel in any  field.

3. Train Your Child To Play For Fun

girls playing

Your child is just four, there is no need to put pressure on the child as if she is going for a special competition.

No, make learning simple and fun-filled, start by creating jokes and games for your children.

Make going to the sport field fun-filled as going for an outing or picnic. Make the experience colorful for your young child.

Don’t create too much stress for your child.

Allow your child to have fun in whatever he does in this tender age.

As the child grows you will start to introduce the sport steadily.


4. Get The Right Kits For Your Kids

You should try as much as possible to get the right kit for your child as you go out for training.

It makes your training serious and worthwhile.

Your child will feel connected to the sport when she wears the right attire.

You can then begin to introduce successful sportsmen and women to your child as superheroes who have conquered the sporting world.

Get Your Child Kitted!

Just the way kids want to wear Superman or Spiderman outfit because they consider them their superheroes so will your kid use the sports kits of the sport they see their heroes wear.

For instance, if you want your male child to play football, then introducing Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo as his heroes will not be a bad idea.

Getting him an FC Barcelona Jersey with Messi written at the back will spur your kid into loving football at that tender age.

You don’t have to spend a lot, but you do want to outfit him properly and set him up for success.

5. Train Gently But Consistently

As you introduce the sport to your kid, you must fight the temptation to rush him into the games even he is not mature enough to withstand the pressure.

You should not push your kid beyond what he can take before he is ready.

He is a kid so don’t expect him to take life too seriously like adults.

See With Eyes Of Your Child!

You have to understand the way a child sees things and come down to his level.

As his mind and body is still fragile you must be careful the kind of pressure you put him to void big hazards and consequences.

You just need to take things easy and wait until he has the skills and the understanding of what he is getting into.

6. Be Involved In The Choice And Playing Of The Sports

children playing

At this tender age, it is advisable to be directly involved in your child’s chosen sports and play together with her.

You may want to remind me “what if I don’t know how to play the game”? let’s say baseball or basketball, in fact, how do I train my kid to play basketball when I don’t know how to play basketball?

Teach Your Kid!

As I earlier talked about Richard Dove Williams Jr.

It was said that he took lessons from Old Whiskey and then came up with a 78-page plan for his daughters that are just about four years.

So it’s great to pick up the sport together, where no one’s the expert and you’re all starting from scratch and learning together it creates more fun and helps you keep fit too.

7. Take Time To Relax

Sports are fun but it is also energy-sapping activity, so ensure that you take out time to relax and rejuvenate at internals during training.

Your kid is not too young to be tired or worn out so you must always observe the situation and introduce fun-filled break intervals.


On longer sports outings, you may be tempted to push your kid, hoping that your kid will miraculously forget he is tired and play more.

No, this strategy always backfires and counter-productive.

Ensure that there is enough water and fruits for your kid to enjoy during those breaks as this helps to make him regain his energy on time and keep them healthy.

8. Use Your Child’s School Breaks For Sport Training

There is a growing trend these that some schools introduce extra lessons to their pupils during their termly breaks to keep the children busy.

This is a wrong strategy that is gaining momentum these days.

Use Break Time!

Children are supposed to use their breaks to do extra-curricular actives so that they can calm their brains and perform better in the next term.

Sports helps the brain to relax academically.

It is counter-productive to keep children on their books all year round, time should be created for sports and their school breaks is a better alternative.

So you should speak to child’s teacher to do more sport during breaks than academic work

9. Communicate To Your Child What To Expect

Talk to your child, tell him the expectations and how to get there.

Tell him the reward of his input and what it will take to succeed, don’t downplay the challenges.

Explain how far it is, and explain what your child need to do to be successful.


Underestimating, exaggerating, or outright lying will only cost you your credibility.

Likewise, don’t patronize your child with false praise.

Play down inadequacies but encourage hard work to make him perform better.

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10. Alternatively, Get A Coach To Train Your Child Better

You may not have enough time in the world to spare for your child sports training due to your work schedules or other engagements.

It is okay to get a coach for your child to help out while you face other engagements.

Also sometimes over-familiarity with you child can make your child not take you seriously especially as your child advances into the teenage age.

Be Strategic!

This is not laziness or relinquishing your responsibility but a strategy.

Children are often more open to learning from instructors other than their parents.

So as your child grows into a teenager, consider getting an alternative coach for him or her and keep trying your best to see that you give him the necessary attention to achieve.

Do you have any other steps? Comment below.

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