The Classified Messages Story

Classified Messages Story 

This is the story of life.

The story of effort to make meaning out of life.

It is the story to discover the purpose for living. 



If you want to be successful in life you must make the decision to define what success is to you, that is how far you can see, as this is very important in making such a decision.

The next step is setting goals to achieve the success that you envisioned.

Do you have a dream and ambition to reach a certain state or acquire certain things in life? You must then have something to motivate you into achieving such a dream.

Goal setting motivates you to achieve your dreams, it makes your progress evident and gives you the yardstick for measurement of such a progress.

You must keep working on your mindset to build on your inspiration, for what inspires will likely motivate you.

Now when I talk about motivation, don’t think motivation is when you are pushed by an external force to do something, No!


Motivation comes from within, you motivate yourself by yourself, no one will actually motivate you to succeed, the best anyone can do is to encourage you. 

You must take the decision to push yourself against seemly opposing interest. You should strive to excel by working hard to accomplish your goals. You must come out of your comfort zone.


Many assume that success comes from making calculated decisions based on some laid down template. While you should try to be as analytical as possible, there is no such template for success.

You will have to work the path of success alone discovering new ways of achievement in the process. You must know and utilize the value of a positive attitude toward achieving your goals.

It is easy to get discouraged by temporary setbacks or failures in achieving specific goals. However, identifying these setbacks as learning opportunities makes it easier to overcome the obstacles and continue striving toward set goals.



You must put your efforts into action channeling positive thoughts and mindset for success and productivity.

Learn to look at the end from the beginning as you focus your energy on the expected positive outcome and ignore the present negative experiences.

Take responsibilities for all you do as this is the required mindset for success.

You must be ready for the outcome of your actions or in-actions, whether good or bad, for failures are not final, they only create seeds of success.



Success involves a lot of hard work and determination, in order to achieve your goals, you must not only work hard but work smart.

You must push yourself hard to have a strong motivation and willpower to do all that is necessary to achieve your goals as success does not come easy.

The motivation you need comes from making up your mind to stick to your cause of action. 

People can lose motivation over time but not you, you are determined, you are resilient, you are result oriented, you want success, you mean it and you will get it.

You are not going to let anything or anybody take it away from you.

Success is yours!

Tallachi Philemon write for Classified Messages

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